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Dr. Jaclyn Walker is a Program Specialist for one of the local school districts in the state of Virginia. Before becoming a supervisor, Dr. Walker was an i3 Math Coach for Portsmouth Public Schools. She was also a Program Coordinator for Evaluations for the Office of Special Education for the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS). In addition, she was a special educator and department head for Portsmouth Public Schools in Virginia. As a teacher, she won the Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year award in 2006. She also was the Individualized Education Program Coordinator for the Foundation School, a non-public school that serves emotionally disturbed students from Prince George County Schools and the District of Columbia in a secluded setting. Dr. Walker received her bachelor’s degree in general broadcasting from Norfolk State University. She received her Master of Education degree in special education and her Educational Specialist degree in educational leadership from Cambridge. She received her doctorate degree in Educational Leadership/Management at Capella University in Minnesota. She formerly co-owned a mobile technology company, PYT that specialized in professional development for teachers and media presentations. That company executed a media presentation for Senator Louise Lucas' birthday. She currently has an upcoming bibliotherapy children’s book set for release in January of 2015.

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Ms. Velvet Smith is a dedicated educator that embodies the quote by Booker T. Washington, “Excellence is doing a common thing in an uncommon way”. For the past 14 years, Velvet has provided excellence in the capacity of department chair, school improvement liaison, and data analyst. She holds a BA in Sociology, a MED in Special Education, and an Educational Specialist degree in Educational Leadership. In addition, she was named Teacher of the Year in 2009 and 2016. Velvet has dedicated her career to “championing the underdog”. She provides and improves the educational experiences of those students that many have counted out.

Ms. Leatha Ballard is a graduate of Woodrow Wilson High School and Kee's Business College. She is the former Special Assistant to the CEO of Roger's Roofing: one of the premiere roofing companies in the Hampton Roads area. In that position, she was able to secure contracting jobs for $10,000 or more per week. She also is not a novice in the public relations field because she was the personal assistant to Ms. Eureka Monique: a local playwright and producer.

Ms. Amira Bethea is the owner of Amira Michelle Management (AMM). Amira Michelle Management was birthed on the foundation of love, struggle, hope, and community. Amira is a native of Brooklyn, NY who now resides in Portsmouth, VA. Her love for music started at a young age as a way to escape the harsh growing pains of the African American struggle. Music was her inner peace, her therapy, her escape to freedom. AMM's roster currently consists of music artists, motivational speakers, and local businesses.

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Dr. Jaclyn T. Walker, CEO

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Velvet L. Smith, Ed.S.,

Director of Operations/IT

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Leatha Ballard,

Coordinator of Daily Activities

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Amira Bethea, Management

Amira Michelle Management

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