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Educational Training Workshops

Triple Threat Teaching was created by Dr. Jaclyn Walker & Velvet Smith from three research-based principles that are very prevalent in education. This Triple Threat Form of teaching embraces NCLB, IDEIA of 2004 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The birth of this newfound teaching trilogy will cause an educational abortion to all other methods.

It Takes Two/2 Heads: Two Heads Are Better than One created by Dr. Jaclyn Walker & Dwana Cooper is a professional development workshop dedicated to the implementation of co teaching/collaboration practices for special/general education teams. This workshop will provide teachers with information/applicable practices on the various models of co teaching and how to use them to meet the needs of their students. This workshop is needed because many collaborative teams are primarily using only one model of collaboration or new teams have been created and are not familiar with the various collaborative models. Research shows that collaboration between general and special educators benefit from the quality of instruction and supports for students with and without disabilities.

"Lit It" (The Integration of Children's Literature in the Tri-fold Curriculum): This workshop is designed to explain to educators how children’s literature could be used in the classroom. This workshop is coupled with a manual that can be utilized for integrating children’s literature across all content areas, character education and bibliotherapy. Some of the templates for can be utilized for assessments because of the concept of differentiation of instruction. However, reading specialists, instructional specialists, guidance counselors. psychologists and administrators can benefit from the material that is contained in this guidebook.

Unpacking the Standards: This interactive workshop is designed to help educators understand and comprehend "what" they are supposed to be teaching and "how" they are supposed to be teaching the curriculum. Unpacking the Curriculum blends classic research-based ideologies from Bloom and Marzano with Dr. Walker's modern-day innovations to create the perfect instructional method.

Personalized Workshops/Trainings: Glamour Prestige will "cater" a personalized workshop/training to meet your educational organization's specific needs. Glamour Prestige contracts with specialists or experts in all content areas that create specific trainings for a dedicated subject.

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